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Life and Health Joy delivers shocking and dynamic information on health. Health information is available in story form, poetry, articles and other literature. Information contained in the literatures are thought-provoking, stimulating the minds of adults, young people and children. These specialised books have never been published on the internet before.

Gone The Days Of Obesitywill alert you to some of the critical problems that obesity can cause in individuals and couples; such as unhappiness, low-self-esteem, a broken heart, pain, sorrow, disease, and much more.

The children's book, Tree of Immortalty reveals that gluttony can have a negative impact on the mind. So much so that three children almost lost their lives as a result. Understanding World Events in the Light of Biblical Prophecy, reveals the truth about Biblical Prophecy and tells about the last days of the earth.

Further, the DVD Missionary's Soul, reveals that people are not always who they profess to be, so the shock comes to all on judgement day. Other shocking Books and DVDs are coming soon. The literatures and DVDs on Life and Health Joy, are designed to change the way you think, including your lifestyle. They will help you make decisions that you never dreamt of making before.

Feed your mind with character-building information, and remember the true saying:

"You are what you read and what you eat".

The lifestyle that you have chosen will determine your joy and happiness.

Stay tuned with Life and Health Joy for healthier, appetising, and dynamic information.

Latest Article from Veronique Belmar

  • Pearly Gates

    I did what you asked of me: helped the poor, preached your word, and hardly spent time with my wife because I was too busy doing your work; now let me in! 'Go away from me, I don't know you', his master replied. 'But you do know me', said the man, 'I am James, I preached your word and helped others. 'Are you hard of hearing', his master replied? Then, I shall tell it to you again, go away from me, I don't know you!

  • Asleep Too Long, Wake Up

    Why are you sleeping? Can't you hear the rolling thunder blasting the sky? Wake up, I tell you, wake up. See, the billows and the sky rolls, the winds furious, mountains and hills move from their base, and you are still asleep. Your enemies laugh because they see your fall. Continue sleeping and they will have the last laugh. Leave me alone, I'm just tired of your foolish talk, just back off Paul, Okay, Mary.

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Veronique Belmar BSc(Hons) Health Sciences; BSc(Hons) Psychology; Film Director; Writer; and Lecture.

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